Welcome to the Group

Hi!  I’m Jim Luke. I’m known around the Web mostly as @econproph and my main blog is at econproph.com.  Now supposedly I’m a co-founder of this West Metro Detroit WordPress group, but that title seems to over-state my role.  Yes, I’m helping to start this group and I really hope to see you at our get-togethers.  But I must admit, the real heavy-lifting and the true leadership has come from Deborah Edwards-Onoro at Lireo Designs.  Thank you, Deborah!

I’m a professor of economics at Lansing Community College but I live in Dearborn.  I started playing with WordPress back in 2008 simply as a way to save paper for handouts to my students.  I got hooked. It has totally changed my career. Yes, I still teach econ, but I’m now the founder of LCC’s Open Learning Lab where we help students and faculty learn to blog, build their own websites, become web- and digital-literate, and just generally become producers instead of passive consumers of the Web.  In the process, WordPress and what it has enabled me to do has given me a literally-world wide presence.

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with more WordPress users, developers, designers, bloggers, and the just-plain curious each month.  Please join us if you’re at all in the area.  You can contact Deborah and me by email at westmetrodetroitwp (at) gmail.com or me at econproph (at) gmail.com.

Oh, and by the way, there’s pie.  You can’t resist pie.