Business Roundtable Pricing and Strategies

January 2020 Meetup: Business Roundtable on Pricing and Strategies

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your family and friends.

We’re kicking off 2020 with a new meetup format: a roundtable discussion of pricing and strategies.

Whether you’ve been creating websites and apps for years or are just starting out with a new web design and development business, how you choose to price your work impacts your business success.

Charge too little for your projects? You may not cover your operating expenses. And you may not get the clients you want.

Charge too much and you may never land a client.

What do you need to consider to identify the best pricing strategy for your work?

Business Roundtable on Pricing and Strategies

The focus of our meetup is pricing projects and how to determine which strategy (or strategies) works best for your work.

Is it:

  • Time-based pricing: based on the total amount of hours you believe it will take to complete the project
  • Fixed pricing: also known as project-based pricing, a flat fee covers everything involved with the project
  • Value-based pricing: based on the value you provide to your client. Factors to consider include client timing, needs, and the experience you offer your client.

We’ll go around the table (literally!) and each person will share their pricing strategies, how they chose those methods, and offer pros and cons of using those strategies.

Other questions to address:

  1. Do you subcontract work?
  2. How do you bid for work?
  3. How do you manage discovery for a new project?

Each member can share what they’re comfortable with and we’ll use the wisdom of the crowd to learn more about pricing.

That’s what our meetup is all about – helping each other.

Note: there is no formal presentation for our January 2020 meetup.

Everyone will have a chance to talk about pricing. Bring your laptop or pencil and paper to take notes.

Location and Meetup Details

We’re meeting at Grand Traverse Pie on Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. 

Located at 41640 Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth, Michigan, Grand Traverse Pie is west of Haggerty Road on the north side of Ann Arbor Road (map and directions to Grand Traverse Pie).

When you arrive, look for a table with a sign on it that says “West Metro Detroit WordPress.”

Parking is free next to Grand Traverse.

There is no cost to attend our meetup, but pre-registration is required.

Why? Because we may have last-minute change and need to contact you. Plus, we want to know who attends our meetups!

See you on Tuesday, January 21st!

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A local meetup group that meets monthly to talk about all things WordPress. Meeting in the western Detroit, Michigan suburbs.

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