June 2019 Meetup: Accessibility in WordPress

For our June 2019 meetup, we’ll be taking a closer look at accessibility in WordPress. Specifically, we’ll discuss the results of the recent accessibility audit conducted on the new Gutenberg editor (also called the block editor), and what it means for our WordPress websites.

Whether you create WordPress websites for

  • K-12 schools or higher education institutions
  • Government departments
  • Organizations dedicated to inclusive design and accessibility

or you want to make sure your sites are accessible to everyone, join our June meetup to learn accessibility in the new block editor, and what steps and processes are being taken to improve it.

Key Findings from the Accessibility Report

The accessibility audit was conducted by Tenon, a well-known and respected web accessibility company.

Their 329-page audit report is available for download (PDF), but their 34-page executive summary (PDF) is a bit more manageable to read.

Their report is a helpful resource for everyone, designers, developers, bloggers, involved with creating WordPress websites with the block editor.

The WPCampus community, which commissioned the report, advised WordPress users to view the findings as a way to generate discussion about accessibility and what can be done to improve the editor experience.

A few key findings from the report included:

  • Overall, markup created with the new block editor is clean, semantically correct, and accessible
  • Usability test scores rank WordPress 5.0 with a score of 46 on the System Usability Scale (a common scale used for software tasks, which is a poor to OK ranking.
  • The block editor fails all 30 Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1.

Location and Meetup Details

For our meetup, we’ll look at a few of the issues raised in the report, review the suggested solutions, and share our thoughts and insights.

Which means it will help if you read part of the report before you come to the meetup.

At over 300+ pages, the report is long. I recommend reviewing a few of the items labeled with GUTXX where XX represents the issue, and be prepared to discuss it.

If you’re already using the block editor, you’ve likely experienced some of the issues already.

We’re meeting at Grand Traverse Pie on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. 

Located at 41640 Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth, Michigan, Grand Traverse is west of Haggerty Road on the north side of Ann Arbor Road (map and directions to Grand Traverse Pie).

When you arrive, look for a bunch of tables that have been pushed together, with a sign on the table that says “West Metro Detroit WordPress.”

Parking is free next to Grand Traverse.

There is no cost to attend our meetup, but pre-registration is required.


Because we may have last-minute change and need to contact you. Plus, we want to know who attends our meetups!

Volunteers Wanted!

If you’d like to volunteer to help with our West Metro Detroit WordPress meetup group, taking notes/photos, greeting people, ideas for upcoming meetups, use our contact form.

See you on Tuesday, June 18tth!


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A local meetup group that meets monthly to talk about all things WordPress. Meeting in the western Detroit, Michigan suburbs.

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