April 2019 Meetup: Launching Your Website, Checklist of What to do Before and After

Join us at our April 2019 West Metro Detroit WordPress meetup to learn the important steps to take before and after launching your website.

A successful website launch depends on a number of tasks, which can be easy to miss or overlook when you don’t have a system in place.

Here’s your opportunity to learn how to take control and avoid overlooking critical tasks during a site launch.

What You’ll Learn

A website is a million little details, and making sure you’ve remembered to do everything can be challenging.

Learn how Suzanne Seibel uses Trello to create an easy-to-follow checklist of “must-dos” before publishing a website live, along with things to do once the site has been published.

Suzanne Seibel will share her checklist and process for keeping all those tasks organized.

Our Speaker

Suzanne Seibel

Suzanne Seibel is a web developer, copywriter and graphic designer at Graphic Visions, Inc. in Northville, Michigan where she builds and manages websites for businesses.

She built her first HTML/CSS website 10 years ago, teaching herself to code through online courses, Google searches, and others sharing what they know in WordPress meetups, WordCamps, and webinars.

She’s been working with WordPress since 2014, but still has so much more to learn.

Location and Meetup Details

Note: change in our venue location, due to the increased number of people attending the meetup.

We’re meeting at Grand Traverse Pie Symmetri Technology on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. 

Located at 455 E Cady St Suite 302 in Northville, Michigan, Symmetri Technology is located east of Center Street (map and directions to Symmetri Technology).

Parking and Venue

Park in the spare lot across the street and behind the the car wash vacuum machines. This map shows the aerial view of where parking is located adjacent to the building.

To enter the building from the parking lot, cross the street to the Village Workshop ground floor entrance and go through the doors.

Once you’re in the building, you’ll be facing the front desk. Turn right at the front desk, and take a left in the first workspace area.

Take a right as you pass the countered cafe area and enter the hallway with the elevators on your right.

Turn right.

Walk up to the elevators, push the button, and once you’re in the elevator, push number 3 marked, “Private”.

Once you exit the elevator, proceed to your left through the glass door into the Symmetri offices.

Keep walking until you are greeted or find the meetup.

Symmetri Technology

Thank you to Symmetri Technology for hosting our meetup this month. We’re honored to have them as a venue sponsor.

Symmetri Technology is focused on designing, developing, and supporting world-class Drupal powered websites.

As an established Drupal consultant, we provide comprehensive web strategy and execution for all types of Drupal projects; higher education, manufacturing, nonprofit, healthcare, marketing, and e-commerce.

They are headquartered in Northville, Michigan and have additional offices in Chicago.


6:30pm: Welcome and intro to group
6:35pm: Introductions
6:50pm: Three things to know about WordPress – Deborah Edwards-Onoro
7:00pm: Launching Your Website, Checklist of What to do Before and After
7:25pm to 8:00pm: WordPress help and troubleshooting

There is no cost to attend our meetup, but pre-registration is required.

Why? Because we may have last-minute change/cancellation and need to contact you. Plus, we want to know who attends our meetups!

See you on Tuesday, April 16th!

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A local meetup group that meets monthly to talk about all things WordPress. Meeting in the western Detroit, Michigan suburbs.

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