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9 Tips to Help You Safely Change Your WordPress Theme

Imagine you’ve had the same theme on your website for a few years. It’s starting to look dated and you’ve decided it’s time to change to a new theme.

That’s exciting! The new theme has features you’ve wanted to add to your site and you can’t wait to get started.

WordPress makes it easy to switch to a new theme. But before you activate it, there are a few things you can do to make sure you safely transition to the new theme.

For our April 17 meetup, we’ll share nine tips to help you get your new WordPress theme up and running quickly.

What You’ll Learn

Our WordPress experts will share their experience switching themes, offering tips for:

  • Reviewing your existing theme
  • Selecting a new theme
  • What to do before activating the new theme
  • What to do after activating the theme

Meetup Details and Location

We’ll be meeting at the Grand Traverse Pie Co. in Plymouth at 41640 Ann Arbor Road, on Tuesday evening, April 17, 2018 from 6:30pm until they close at 8:00pm.

When you arrive, look for a bunch of tables that have been pushed together, with a sign on the table that says “West Metro Detroit WordPress.”

Cost is $4.00 (we’ll be providing pie!). Register for the meetup on Eventbrite.

Published by

Deborah Edwards-Onoro

Deborah Edwards-Onoro is a web designer focused on user experience, accessibility, and WordPress. Founder of Lireo Designs, I create usable, attractive, and mobile-friendly websites for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals. I offer WordPress training, website maintenance services, site audits, and consulting. Organizer for Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, West Metro Detroit WordPress Meetup, and Refresh Detroit. Former Detroit User Experience co-leader, Michigan Usability Professionals Association officer, Internet User Experience conference organizer, and HighEdWeb Michigan organizer.

5 thoughts on “9 Tips to Help You Safely Change Your WordPress Theme”

  1. Is there an organized group through meet up I can join on the meet up site and follow? Thank you, Brian


    1. Hi Brian, You can find our group events and updates by following our blog. Our upcoming events will be on Eventbrite. You can subscribe to our blog and get updates whenever there’s an event or update published. Our group is not on


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